A Baby Bag Backpack... 4 Reasons Why We Love It!

A Baby Bag Backpack... 4 Reasons Why We Love It!


Growing tiny humans can be exhausting!!! It’s honestly a full time job!! Then add to that the intense urge to begin preparing for Bub’s arrival!! I’m sure you’ll agree that if you are on the countdown to Bub’s arrival… you are probably experiencing some serious urges to get organised. There’ll even be some times you’ll find yourself doing the strangest of things at the strangest of hours…. Welcome to the nesting phase Mama! It doesn’t matter how tired you may feel… that urge to get organised tends to push its way through and unite Mama’s everywhere!!! Tell me you agree!!


So… your season of nesting is in full swing and you’re on the hunt for the perfect Nappy Bag! Deciding on the right Baby Bag for you (and your partner of course) is one of the fundamental things to consider when preparing for your Bub to enter this big world! You’ll want to discover a Nappy Bag that not only fits everything in but does so in a way that makes your lives easier! A bag with plenty of pockets both inside and out and a wide, zippered frame that stays put when open because we all know sometimes you don’t have a free hand, especially when dealing with a poo explosion and a wriggly baby!


At the time of my last pregnancy, I couldn’t find anything on the market that was going to meet all of our needs…. So…. We went all in and designed our own!! For us when designing this bag it all came down to that quintessential saying, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place”. Introducing… The Sunday Luxe Nappy Bag Backpack.


We know we may sound biased…. But our Sunday Luxe Nappy Bag certainly ticks all those boxes and more! This backpack even now takes our breath away with how the ‘Smart Organisational System’ has brought calm to the chaos of having 3 kids, making it an essential component when planning what you’ll need when you too become a parent. Other questions we’ve worked hard to answer when designing our Nappy Bag Backpacks are:

  1. Is it easy to clean? Things get messy when it comes to kids so a nappy bag that wipes clean easily, doesn’t stain and is made is a strong material is so important! The Sunday Luxe has definitely got you covered there!
  2. Is it easy to carry? Adjustable and padded shoulder straps as well as extra strong pram straps mean it will not only be comfortable to wear all day but easy to hook onto your pram when you’re out and about! And the added bonus of a backpack = keep both of your hands free for all the important things your mini me will need you for! Tick, tick, tick!
  3. Can you carry both hot and cold beverages? Baby isn’t the only one who needs to stay hydrated throughout the day! Mama also needs a water bottle and dare we say it, a thermos of hot coffee to keep her going. We’ve still got baby covered though, insulated front pockets are excellent at keeping bottles and/or food pouches both hot and cold.
  4. Lastly, does it have a change mat? Changing Bub on the go is made so much easier with a change mat. The flexible design of our basic change mat has been made to fold up nice and compact, ready to throw into any bag. Made from super soft vegan leather, it's high quality finish is easy to clean and sanitise!

Well… we are over and out now so that you can get back to nesting! Be sure to take a break and put your feet up Mama! Ohhhhhh and have a very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

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