'In the HOOD' with FDD... Surviving ISO with the Girl Next Door

'In the HOOD' with FDD... Surviving ISO with the Girl Next Door

Who knew?? Just a few short weeks ago we were dreaming of a mini getaway for the Easter school holidays… and in the blink of an eye… here we are all experiencing somewhat of a forced family reunion! 

But in all seriousness… although we’ve been a bit frantic in these first few weeks, searching to find our groove of what our new ‘normal’ looks like…. I have to admit that a few weeks in and I’m enjoying finding the silver lining in all of this:

  • an opportunity to see things from a different perspective
  • a renewal in me of a grateful heart
  • the ability to activate a deeper connection with others 
  • an opportunity to create a haven in your home… and my all time favourite… 
  • a chance to re-group as a family and build into what we have right in front of us

Don’t get me wrong… I've certainly had to choose to surrender to the mayhem … our mantra continues to ring ‘Progress over Perfection’ as we constantly are at odds to compete with the flip side of what all of these things bring when we are in each other’s company 24/7. 

I mean…. who said running school from home, operating a business, working another job, having hubby working from home and Mumming all at the same time would be easy?? I’ve recently seen a meme floating around socials (who hasn’t seen a good meme going round at this time!! The one plus of savvy individuals having all of this extra time on their hands) depicting that there is a very good reason why we don’t bring the full regimented 6-7 hr school routine into the home!

After recently debriefing my thoughts to my beautiful friends, who happen to also be my very patient neighbours (I’ve got x3 very vivacious kids after all!) I’ve realised I’m not alone. And it’s got me remembering… We really are all in this together! 

I am so grateful, especially at a time like this to be living in a neighbourhood with an impeccable community spirit. The thoughtfulness and kindness has been so evident, and while we are a tight knit community usually… naturally we’ve been seeing (& hearing… my kids are loud!!) each other a little bit more. It’s meant we’ve each been privy to our coping strategies, we've leant on one another (figuratively speaking of course! And whilst maintaining our social distancing measures!) and each of our strengths have been an encouragement to help each other through some really uncertain days. 

So at a time like this where in all honesty, we’ve had to put some plans on hold and outwork campaigns in a different way to play our part in the greater good, it’s got me reflecting on the goodness all around me! 

It’s been a time of adjustment and it’s out of these raw and honest conversations with my gorgeous neighbours, that we bring you our next campaign....

‘In the HOOD with From Day Dot”.

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you a series of blogs from the Girls Next Door. Each of them with their own uniqueness has something ahhhmazing to bring to the virtual table… and I just couldn’t help but not keep this GOLD to myself!! 

Starting tomorrow, we will be sharing some tips to survive this isolation period, with the first edition coming to you from my dear friend, Kirsty.

Kirsty is the founder of The Home Chronicles - an online community on family, food and faith.

Kirsty and her family live a full life, where both her and hubby work full time... which at the moment means... everyone is working from home. She manages it whilst remaining centred and is intentional about quality family time. So I've asked her to share with us how she manages the juggle!

We loooove Kirsty's outlook on life and we know YOU will too!

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