My First Christmas

My First Christmas

Early Christmas morning, 2017. I wasn’t filled with the usual festive joy. Instead a debate raged inside me: pee on yet another pregnancy test and potentially ruin my day, or don’t do the test but think about it all day, potentially ruining my day. Not great options. When you have seen so many negative results, it is difficult to rally the usual hope and anticipation. I concluded it was best to rip the band-aid off, and so it was in this headspace that I laid eyes on those two wonderful lines.

 Renae & Baby Eadie (those 2 beautiful two lines!!)

Those 2 beautiful lines are now Baby Eadie!

My husband and I had decided late in 2011 that the time was right to start our family. Little did we know the journey that lay before us. Nearly a year with no result lead to investigations which uncovered the fact that we would not be able to conceive children of our own. Talk about a bad day!

Many prayers, much soul searching, a miracle, IVF and seven years later, we will finally celebrate our first Christmas as a family of three. This is the best gift of all, one which will be hard to ever top.

 Gearing up for our first Christmas together as a family of 3!

Renae and Baby Eadie. Eadie born 7th September, 2018 (She now shares a birthday with her Aunty Bek... Co-Director of From Day Dot!) #birthdaytwinnies

Isn’t it the truth that the bigger the challenge, the sweeter the triumph? I’ve learnt this throughout our infertility journey but I’m learning it in a whole new way as I embrace my role as a mum. I think it is the understanding that our children are one of life’s triumphs which allows us to laugh and take joy in the challenges of mamahood. I think it is why we will proudly tell the world how tired we are, because we know it is an investment that is so worth it (Speaking of.... the new 'Tired Mama' Basic Tees are definitely on my Wish List from Santa this year!)

"Tired Mama" Basic Tees - NEW Collection

"Sleepy Mama" Basic Tees - NEW Collection Available now.

I am filled with total amazement when I look at my 12 week old daughter. How truly blessed I am to have received her! And to top it all off.... we were so excited just recently to welcome another little cousin for baby Eadie... What a Christmas it will be having 2 new babies to add to the tribe of grandchildren (now totalling 5!) We are so blessed that they will grow up together and that I will be able to string tired sentences together with my sister who will completely understand my weary jibberish ha!

 Welcoming Baby Jaxon to the tribe!

Baby Jaxon - born 17th November, 2018

Baby Eadie wears the Burgandy Red Christmas Turban in all photos.

Baby Jaxon & Baby Eadie getting snuggly.

Cousins.... Our First Christmas

Our First Christmas - Cousins Jaxon & Eadie.

Early Christmas morning, 2018. I anticipate this: dog-tired from four months and counting of disrupted sleep we will slowly drag ourselves out of bed, caffeinate and wait for it to take effect.  But that is when the festive joy will hit: our little Eadie’s first Christmas. The preparations will be complete, the decorations tweaked until just right, the presents wrapped and stacked, and the outfits photo-ready, all in an attempt to create moments that will become memories that will last our lifetime. But as well as all that, I will take a moment to remember that she is a most precious gift, given to us to brighten our days, bring hope for the future and help us keep life in perspective. Indeed, nothing will bring you down to earth faster than a poo-splosion, a spit-up down your shirt or a tantrum in public! And I will take joy in these moments because she is our triumph, a Christmas miracle.

Renae & Baby Eadie... Rachel & Baby Jaxon

Renae & Baby Eadie.... Rachel & Baby Jaxon

Baby Eadie wears the "Bowtiful" Velvet Turban in Burgandy Red from our Christmas Collection in all photos.

Photos by: Steff King

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  • Susie

    As a Mumma with 4 grown ups, this brings back all my joyous memories from when they were precious little ones. Cherish every minute. ❤️❤️

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