What's in a Mama's Bag?

What's in a Mama's Bag?

Hello Beautiful tribe!

I've got something honest to share with you!

It's nearly Mother's Day and our campaign plans... well they haven't really happened how we first planned... but we certainly didn't want Covid-19 to get in the way of celebrating our gorgeous tribe of mamas!

So we've put together a very special campaign that highlights the different layers of womanhood and all the goodness she manages to fit in her bag of tricks! Truth be told... we balance a lot of plates, whilst interchanging all of the different hats we wear. All the while, trying to bring calm to our chaos and with a smile on our faces… (well… most of the time anyway ha!)

I don’t know about you but with the combination of isolation, working from home and remote learning… this Mama is certainly feeling like it’s time for a treat haha! We’ve been working harrrrd! Surely it's nearly time for us to put our feet up for a little bit. 

I recently read a meme that gave me a good giggle! It was directed to our partners as a reminder that 'The kids won’t be bringing home hand made gifts and pressies from the Mother’s Day stall this year!' It went on to urge households that they better get prepping because it was now less than 2 weeks away! Eeeeek! This will be a different kind of Mother’s Day…. I wonder how it will pan out at our place haha!

And although our plans aren’t quite what we envisioned, we know we are feeling grateful in so many ways. This period of isolation has given us all the feels about not only savouring what we have but it is beginning to reshape our thinking for what lies ahead of us and making the moments we have, count.

That being said, this Mother’s Day we want to honour all women and celebrate every stage of life they might be in. We want to take an opportunity to celebrate how you serve your family… because it really is invaluable! 

We had grand plans for collaborations and a huge photoshoot but thanks to Covid-19 and the sudden restrictions we found ourselves pressing fast forward on our campaign preparations. We literally got it done with one day to spare! Talk about cutting it close! 

Thank goodness Steff was an ahhhmazing sport (as always) about being thrown in to the deep end! She became our sole model, when originally we planned to have about 6 to showcase all the different phases of motherhood + to showcase the incredible and diverse planet we live on! Little Juniper was supposed to have a bunch of play date friends but, as usual, she didn’t mind being the centre of attention! Thanks also to The Latest for being so flexible and for ultimately being the heroes who got it shot in the end!

If this campaign has taught us one thing, it is that we continue to be blown away at the capacity we have as women! It has served as a timely reminder that a woman cannot be pigeonholed as just one thing! 

So to you Mamas! Whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself at today… We honour you! 

Sometimes our work remains behind the scenes, but it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!

This campaign goes out to you! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are… not only as Mama… but as Woman too! 

Sending lots of love to you this Mother’s Day,

The FDD team 




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